KISS Method to Marketing Strategy

Marketing does not have to be complex. Focusing on the fundamentals and building a strong digital foundation will help most prevent business leaders from wasting resources and incurring technical debt.

Why Building a Digital Foundation is So important

The term digital can mean many things and many companies will use it in a number of ways.  You can think of digital as being anything done with a computer or technology instead of manually doing it with a pen and paper.  Some examples would be: Sending an e-mail instead of a letter Ordering foodContinue reading “Why Building a Digital Foundation is So important”

What is a Business Model?

A business model is a repeatable process for how your business makes a profit.  It seems simple enough conceptually but, defining your business model is extremely important when building a company.  It may be easier to think about with an example.   Let’s say you want to open a pizza shop in your hometown.  You recentlyContinue reading “What is a Business Model?”

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