Business in a Box

Business in a Box is an intelligent platform that helps entrepreneurs validate ideas with customers and launch new businesses

Business in a Box is a mobile application that guides entrepreneurs through the stages of starting a new business. Before writing a business plan…before building a website…before even naming the business…entrepreneurs can start validating ideas and discovering how their product or service will fit into the market.

Customer discovery is not easy, but it can be done with the support of our application and provided services.

Users can get started right away by creating an account and start working on developing their idea.

We follow Sarah through her entrepreneurial journey to develop her idea and launch her own coffee shop.

Sarah has been using Business in a Box for 142 days and has made progress on developing her value proposition, business model, and go-to-market plan.

On her home screen, she is able to see her status based on her recent activity. The application suggests the next steps and provides guidance to continue her journey.

Many entrepreneurs do not have a person who they can go to for advice and coaching. There are also a lot of “business coaches” online who claim to be experts in a field or often charge fees that are too expensive for a new entrepreneur.

Sarah’s mentor is volunteering on the application to give back to others who are launching a business. She opened a chain of pizza restaurants and is looking to help other women launch their own ventures.

Mentors at Business in a Box are successful business owners who have been vetted by our team. We do not pay them directly for their services, but rather donate to a charity on their behalf for their time spent supporting entrepreneurs. This keeps away “business coaches” who are looking to make a quick buck and recruits passionate individuals who are genuinely interested in helping out others.

Sarah now picks up where she left off and decides to continue working on her Customer Persona.

Developing customer personas is a step that can and should be done before launching a business. This market research combines qualitative and quantitative data into a real-world example of who Sarah’s target customer will be.

As part of the customer discovery tool that is included in Business in a Box, Sarah is able to conduct interviews with individuals. She begins to talk to her friends, family, and co-workers, about their coffee-drinking preferences.

Sarah is presented with recommended questions and has the ability to record the conversation so she can focus on the interview and not worry about taking notes.

Sarah inputs their basic information directly into the application on her phone and conducts the interview. The information is saved for her and she is already starting to build a customer list for her new coffee shop. She can later send marketing e-mails and promotions and build her customer relationship management (CRM) platform!

After the interview, she goes back to view the customer personas she is building. Her notes are already transcribed and she is able to update any new information directly into the app.

Business in a Box provides a free customer persona template that automatically updates based on interviews and market research Sarah has been doing on the app.

The template includes all relevant information that is specific to the type of industry and business that Sarah is building. The platform will suggest key takeaways from the interview recordings and Sarah can easily update her customer persona template.

Sarah then goes and checks her Insights tab and relevant information about her potential customers is pulled from social media and web search results.

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