Entrepreneurship Study

Personal Challenges

1) Entrepreneurs are open to profit sharing

As previously discovered, access to capital is one of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face.  Marketing and other professional services are often too expensive for a cash strapped business and a loan or more investment for professional services is not a viable option. 

Current payment models prevent entrepreneurs and small businesses access to professional marketing and other services that would help a young company grow.

Monthly fees are easier to budget and do not have as great an impact on the balance sheet as a lump sum payment. A shift from existing lump sum models to a profit sharing model not only aligns the incentives, but also creates an opportunity to access to more customers.

2) Respondents are open to new solutions

The overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs would consider a new platform that helps walk through the process of starting a business. Staring are business can seem like an ambiguous and daunting challenge.  However, key aspects of the process can be broken down into consumable modules on a platform.

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