We are a veteran-owned company that seeks to reduce the barriers to entrepreneurship by providing digital tools and resources to individuals, small businesses, and startups.

America is still the land of opportunity…

With a Global Entrepreneur Index of 83.6, the US is the best country for entrepreneurs

The Global Entrepreneurship Index

30.7 million small businesses in America

US Census Data, 2016

62% of Americans want to own their own business

VistaPrint – Micro Business Insights, December 2017

…but there are many obstacles preventing the realization of that dream

33% of entrepreneurs have only a high-school diploma

Guidant Financial, Small Business Trends 2018

42% businesses fail because there is no market need

CBI Insights, 2019

13 million millennials believe that they cannot start a business because they don’t know how or don’t know where to go for help

Small Business Development Center, 2017

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